Collected papers:  The Constitutionality and Legitimacy of  HOAs

updated Oct. 17, 2006

case_against Excerpt from the Case Against State Protection of HOAs
CLRC_BoR letter to CLRC on homeowner bill of rights
comment_call&resp response to CAI's CEO
commentary regulation article commentary of Regulation magazine article on the new revolution
comments_cai_blog further comments on CAI description of homeowner advocates
MM05-25_comment 2005 comments to CLRC on Homeowner bill of rights
MM06_25_comments 2006 comments to CLRC on Homeowner bill of rights
muni_proposal propsal for making HOAs part of the municipal government
new_social comments on the new social contract created by CC&Rs
politburo analysis of CAI role as national lobbyist for HOAs
private_hoods commentary on Private Neighborhoods by Nelson
resp_to_skib more comments on CAI portrayal of advocates
rule_engage guidelines for homeowner rights advocates
social_capital comments on the loss of social capital with spread of HOAs
TB50_truth ULI's TB #50 - The Mass Mercahndising of HOAs
The_Land poetic statement of HOA history
Bill of Rights Why do homeonwers need a bill of rights?
Activists_proactive Activists must be proactive