Let me present my understanding of who the lines of argumentation go, this is like my homework on constitutional studies, so to speak, feel free to correct me.
LINE of ARGUMENTs of the CAI supporters:

2.  The HOAs are not governments, they are simply quasi-governments, therefore, the constitution cannot be applied to HOAs.

First, by procedurally I mean the formation of the HOA did not follow the procedures set forth in the appropriate state statutes.  Therefore, they are not a government answerable and subject to the state. Second, as such, HOAs cannot exercise certain functions retained by the legal civil government, like imposing fines or police powers to imprison.

However, that does not mean they are not a government, because by that definition other nations and political subdivisions in other countries would not be a considered a government, which is ridiculous. C'mon guys, step outside the box created by years of CAI propaganda and brainwashing --  think!  So, the argument really boils down to a silly one  --  HOAs are not governments because they didn't apply to be a government. 

And that includes unincorporated towns!  Are they governments or not governments and why? What then is an incorporated town?

The HOAs have not been ruled either way, just that some of their functions are also used by  nonprofit organizations, too.  For example, the classic case  involved a ruling that if there are no  public streets, the HOA could not be a government.  A poor decision made way back.  Further, and many are incapable of understanding that you must ask the USSC the right question, backed by the right arguments and ask for the right remedy. 

If you read any of the lengthier cases you will frequently see opinions like, "the court was in error in their opinion because ..." and a new contrary opinion given, or selected parts of a  precedent opinion being used to justify  the current  argument.  The courts are not black and white that many so called intellectual would like it to be. In fact, what you are seeing are the courts making law "on the fly", often contradicting prior interpretations, but always holding homeowners to these new and  often novel interpretations of the law.  This is disgraceful!

I do not proclaim to have all the answers, but those opposing constitutionality arguments just offer opinions without arguments that cannot stand up to scrutiny.  Rep. Farnsworth had called CAI on this during the legislative session when he asked for documentation rather than opinion and conjecture.

I call on those opposed to the fundamental rights and constitutionality arguments to make their case in opposition. They won't because they can't without going against the principles of American governance and for all it stands for and it protections of our liberties.  So, why is the point of their opposition, I ask again?

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Citizens Against Private Government HOAs
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George K. Staropoli