Your home in an homeowners association is a very valuable asset. Protect your asset by getting educated about the status of your presumed rights and freedoms!

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Advocacy references -- books, articles, court cases and organizations.

 The Role of the FHA in Planned Communities.

Ventana Lakes POA Murder Trial -- former homeowner kills 2 board members over HOA's right to trim his shrubs.

Hiding the truth about HOAs has brought about a new social order in America.

How the courts allowed CC&RS to be binding contracts.

Report on Arizona Legislature and its failure on HOA reforms, 8/00 - 5/02, Arizona (PDF)

 What the Public Doesn't Know About Homeowners Associations and Why

Homeowner rights pioneer advocate Prof. Evan McKenzie Speaks Out. (pdf)

A California Appeals court explains adhesion contracts and determinations in regard to unconscionable contracts not as good public policy. Required reading for applicability to the CC&R adhesion contract.

Buyer's Guide to Living in a Community Association
George K. Staropoli, editor
Citizens Against Private Government HOAs, inc
120 page paperback, $5.00

As a result of a personal difficulty with his homeowner association's board, the author/editor broaden his research and has uncovered more universal, more commonplace aspects of how living in a homeowner controlled property differs from living in a non-controlled property. The use of the phrase "HOA controlled property" is deliberate and hits to the heart of the matter. Those rights, privileges, freedom of decision and personal property rights a citizen has come to expect, and grew up with, are severely affected when your property is in an HOA.

You, the owner, and your home are subject to the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions that is agreed to when you sign on the "bottom line". And they do mean conditions, restrictions and promises to keep! The courts have taken such a position and have imposed severe penalties on Boards of Director for not enforcing these provisions. There is no appeal, no oversight review process to challenge board decisions. You do not have "equal protection under the law" since courts and other government agencies regard the HOA as a personal contract between buyer and association.

Most of the time, and in most homeowner associations, the homeowner can enjoy the benefits of the governing documents that protects property values, but when something goes wrong it really can go wrong. And it's the homeowner who lacks protection.

This booklet presents those factors that are not advertised by the developer, nor by the real estate agent, nor of which are you warned by the government. Actual examples are presented revealing how far an HOA board can go and the extent of the lack of protection available to a homeowner.

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