March 2019


1.  10 Myths About HOAs.  A short list about the reality of HOAs. (2008)


2.  Hannaman Report.  Prepared in 2002 by a NJ official in the Department of Community Affairs for the State of New Jersey. This paper was presented for a Rutgers Panel on Homeowner Association Problems.


3.  HOA Buyer’s Advisory: Surrendering your rights and freedoms in exchange for an empty promise of maintaining property values. A collection of 5 short papers individually listed here, plus the social dynamics paper. (2012)


4.  HOA member Declaration of US and State citizenship. .  Proposed declaration to send to your legislators. (2012)


5.  HOA Privatization Scale: facing reality.  A cross-range of views on attitudes toward HOAs. (2003).


6.  HOAs in America: The illusion of democracy in a dysfunctional republic. In order to understand the public policy toward HOAs, we need to examine the political climate and the values in our society. (2011) 

                  7.  The Foundations of Homeowners Associations and the New America.  An historical look at the rise and acceptance of HOAs and its prime lobbying entity,

                      Community Associations Institute. (2009)

                  8.  Establishing the New America of Independent HOA Principalities, Amazon, ISBN-13: 978-0974448831, ISBN-10: 0974448834. (2008).

9.  The Social Dynamics of HOAs: Why do people harm others in HOAs?  The culture within HOAs is examined as a prime example of the reality of the Milgram and Stanford Prison experiments on coercion and obedience to authority. (2012)


10.  Truth in HOAs Model Act.  A model act for a required buyer disclosure to sign, agreeing to the loss of his rights and freedoms. (2011)


11.    Understanding the New America of HOA-Land.  Lengthy paper explain the hidden side of HOAs (2010)

12.    HOA Common Sense: rejecting private government. Brief analysis of HOA private government principalities. (2013)



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